Friday, February 29, 2008

Phase One Nearly Complete

Last night completed the first three weeks of P90X. Today is the rest day . . . aaaaahhhhh . . . and tomorrow starts our first “recovery” week. I really don’t feel like I need to recover at all. But I’m not complaining. Maybe the only thing that needs to recover is my hands. I’m finding the most challenging part of this entire workout routine to be the pull-ups and not just from the difficulty of ‘pullin up,’ but from the extreme pain it inflicts upon my hands. I feel as though my skin is ripping off. I hate it. I’ve tried using gloves, but I think our bar is too thick for that. So my next idea was to just toughen up. I figured I would grow some calluses and then maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much. But now I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll have any skin left to grow the calluses on!

Maybe just like the meditation thing – the pain in my hands redirects the pain away from my arms. But I still think the pain in my hands is worse. At least when I jump down from the bar, my arms are completely free of pain. The stinging in my hands lasts for the rest of the night. As if I don’t already have “man hands” (I guess I would prefer to call them “piano hands”), the rough and callused palms are not making me feel too girly.

And since I don’t have an amusing antidote from my last two workouts to share, I’ll share this instead. Today I had to sit through a big company meeting at work. All sorts of topics came up and one was an anonymous request from a female coworker. Somebody had requested that more ‘female specific’ weights and equipment be added to our gym. The response to this was, “Paula doesn’t have any trouble with the weights in the gym. I’ve seen her curl more weights than most guys!” I don’t think I had a prouder moment at work.


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Success Warrior said...

That had to make you feel great! Comments like that make all the sweat and hard work worth it.