Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Did You Celebrate Earth Day?

I might not have specifically celebrated Earth Day, but I am celebrating the fact that it's been 2 weeks since my husband and I have been to a gas station . . . And today we passed the 500 mile mark on our first tank of gas in our "almost" new VW Golf TDI. Last month we decided it was time to trade in our thirsty SUV to a much more fuel efficient solution. Convinced we needed a truck for all our hauling of 'stuff', carrying two large dogs, kayaks, bikes, etc. we got very used to having a big vehicle and a big gas bill. But upon closer examination, we realized that we could downsize and still keep our dogs, haul the 'stuff' that we need, and keep our sport hobbies.

I am positively thrilled with this solution of a small diesel car and I just can't figure out why they are so rare here in the USA. Just about all the cars in Europe run diesel. Why can't the Americans figure out that this makes a lot of sense? It’s too bad that our choices here are so slim, but I'm hoping that the idea will catch on.

Driving a fuel efficient car makes me feel good. Here are some other things that we can all do to help out our environment:

Shopping and Cleaning
-Bringing your own bag when shopping saves plastic bags. Visit
Method Home - Method offers some cleaners that are dye- and perfume-free, nontoxic, biodegradable, naturally derived and never tested on animals. For more information, visit
Seventh Generation products - Seventh Generation is one of the leading brands of nontoxic household products. For more information, visit


BITS Ltd. smart power strips - Even after turning off a computer, power continues to flow to computer peripherals like printers and scanners. This power strip ($32.99) stops the energy from being wasted. For more information visit
GE Energy Smart lightbulbs - GE Energy Smart bulbs use 70 to 75 percent less energy than incandescent lightbulbs and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. For example, by using a 26-watt compact fluorescent lightbulb—equivalent to a 100-watt incandescent lightbulb—users can save up to $59 on energy costs over the life of the bulb. Saving energy saves money and is better for the environment.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Dead Bug Pose

I just love that pose name! Who comes up with these things? I think I may start my own YogaDudes pose names . . . imagine how much fun that will be.

I recently found this pose and it's supposed to help combat the effects of slouching at a computer all day. I am very guilty of that. By the end of the day I'm practically laying in my chair. Here's a little clip that may help that problem . . .

Sitting at a desk all day, glaring at a computer screen causes you to slouch. That man-made curvature of the spine speeds up the natural degeneration of the discs. The species known as "office workers" have backs that are beginning to resemble our humble predecessors—Cro-Magnon man. To counter feeling (and acting) like a caveman after a brutal week, try a few stretches for the muscles and bones in your back. And while you work toward standing upright again try the poses that calm your nerves. This at-home triage will make you feel like you've really evolved.

Spine Soother

Dead bug pose feels a lot better than it sounds. Even if you have the flexibility of a steel rod, it's a universal spine pleaser. The benefit of this passive stretch: the pose works out the back, butt, and hip kinks while you lie there. Give in, it works its magic when you are in a completely relaxed state. Watch this video and try it yourself before hitting the sack.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Great Recycling Solution

I recently discovered a very interesting website for those recycling conscious folks. Last month, my husband and I had the horrible task of packing up our house and moving. It is amazing how much stuff you realize that you own and don't need. We made several trips to Good Will and donated lots of other larger items to another local charity. That felt GREAT. I realized that I truly enjoy donating things. I HATE the thought of wasting things and I often hold on to things that I know I don't need, only because they are too nice to just throw away. Well, here's an organization that can help me and probably lots of other globally conscious yogis.

The Freecycle Network™ ( is made up of many individual groups across the globe. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer (them's good people). Membership is free. To sign up, find your community by clicking on "Groups in your local area." You may then go directly to your local group by clicking on "Go To" or you may immediately joining by clicking on "Join." It will generate an automatic e-mail which, when sent, will sign you up for the local group and send you a response with instructions on how it works. Can't find a group near you? You might want to consider starting one (click on "Start a Group" for instructions). Have fun!

The Freecycle Network was started in May 2003 to promote waste reduction in Tucson's downtown and help save desert landscape from being taken over by landfills. The Network provides individuals and non-profits an electronic forum to "recycle" unwanted items. One person's trash can truly be another's treasure!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Desk Yoga

Have you been too busy lately to make it to yoga class? Or maybe even too busy to change your clothes and do yoga at home . . . That has been my crazy life for the past month. I'm sorry for the lapse in blog posts. I don't even know where to begin to explain . . .

I seem to be doing more desk yoga these days than real yoga, but every little bit helps. Today I actually made it to the gym to walk on the treadmill. The weather here in Connecticut is still dreary. I blame myself. I already packed all my winter clothes, and therefore, winter is dragging on endlessly. While on the treadmill I was reading an article about yoga. It talked about how yoga shouldn't just be about achieving a nice butt. It should be the process that rewards, not the result. I was thinking how that sounds lovely, but I wouldn't be too upset with the nice butt either!

Until my life settles down, I will be reduced to desk yoga. In case you can use it too:

Release the muscles in your back with this twist -- While seated, cross the right knee over the left knee. Place your left hand on the outside of the right knee, and brace your right palm against the right elbow rest. Twist to the right, keeping your left sitting bone firmly grounded. Look over your right shoulder. Switch sides.

There, now doesn't that feel better?