Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Found Some OMMMM

In my last depressing post I said I was on the hunt for some OMMM and I found some. As promised, I'm going to share . . .

Shopping is a sure fire way to brighten my day. I decided to search for some fun and unusual gifts and I hit the mother-load at Oprah gets to make her list of favorite gift ideas, so I decided that I should have my own! And unlike Oprah's, mine don't all cost over $500.

If you are looking for some cute, inexpensive gifts for friends or maybe even yourself . . . (and you already bought some adorable YogaDudes gifts) . . . then take a look at the list I compliled. For sure you will find something to bring a smile to you face. They can all be found on

Paula's Top 10 Unique Gifts

Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy Message Pad $6.99 - This is a MUST have. What a riot. Handy check-off list that clearly and simply expresses your mood and critical needs. Your husband will just love this :-)

Duh: It Will Make You Feel Smart Game $14.99 - Cute coffee table game that is fun to play with friends and family. And who doesn't want to feel smarter?

Emergency Martini Drink Set $10.49 - Might be needed before, during and after the holidays.

Dog "Oh Happy Day!" Latte Mug $13.99 - How could you not laugh when you see this?

Holy Chocolate Cocoa Mix Gift Can $12.99 - Anything named "Holy Chocolate" is a must have!

Stainless Steel Buddha Flask $29.99 - If the lotus position doesn't relax you, perhaps the liquid inside will.

Slang Flashcards $13.99 - Cultivates strong street-talk skills and natural-sounding slang use in mere days. Never know when this can come in handy.

Unauthorized Therapy Sessions Game $14.99 - After all the holiday stress, you may need this.

Decision Maker $11.99 - This is great for deciding if you should buy that silly present for your freind, if you should wear those silly shoes with your outfit, if you should go to that party that you dread, etc.

Work Farce Game $14.99 - A meaningless way to find meaningful work. Maybe a new career is in your future?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Holiday Stresses are Starting - In Need of Some OMMMMM

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a nice little break. A time to stop, reflect and be thankful for what you have. Perhaps a time to rest up before the rush of the holiday season. Well, this was not the case for me. The stress started before Thanksgiving and just got worse. The YogaDudes website had to be moved to a new server and that was no small task. It was nearly 3 weeks of technology hell. The site was down for awhile, our mail is still mysteriously entering the black hole of cyberspace, and the shopping cart wasn't working during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Yes, that was great timing!

I just want to appologize to anyone that experienced any problems with the site. I know you are out there . . . I know that several orders failed. I got emails asking for our phone number to call in orders. And yes, it is also perfect timing that our phone line is dead. Is there a conspiracy against me? I'm beginning to wonder.

If this is what Thanksgiving was like, I'm almost afraid to face Christmas! I am on the hunt for some much needed OMMMM. When I find it, I'll pass it along . . .

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving afternoon and most of us are about to have a huge meal with all the fixings. It's getting time to watch football and figure out what stores to hit tomorrow morning. But isn't there more to this holiday? Thanksgiving is the perfect time to slow down and take stock of what's really important in our lives. Gratitude can help us all stop taking our lives for granted. It can free us from petty annoyances and inspire us to think of other people. So why should we limit our gratitude to just Thanksgiving?? Here are some ways to keep the good thoughts flowing through all the holidays and into the new year.

Create a Thank You List - Instead of making a list of the things you want as gifts, jot down everything that you are thankful for. Keep the list handy and keep adding to it throughout the year. When you are feeling down, pull out the list for an immediate spirit booster. For sure it will be longer than your holiday wish list.

Say Thank You Often - Whether it's in person, over the phone, via email, or a hand-written note, say thank you often. People and their efforts simply aren't acknowledged enough. A simple thank you goes a long way in human relations, both personal and professional.

Accept, Acknowledge, Appreciate - Memorize the three "A's": Accept, Acknowledge and Appreciate. They should replace the three "C's": Complaining, Condemning and Criticizing. The three A's will get you much further in developing positive relationships with coworkers, friends and family members.

YogaDudes would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thankgiving!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Don't You Just Love a Sale?

I'm sure everyone loves a sale as much as I do! We just added a new sale module to the YogaDudes shopping cart that allows us to put items on sale. Yeah! So today I had fun picking out lots of products to mark down. Just in time for holiday shopping, you will find all kinds of yoga t-shirts, yoga jewelry, yoga ornaments on sale. Check it out and happy shopping :-)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Free Inspirational Wallpaper Background

Each month we will place a new inspirational Windows wallpaper background on this blog. These photos are directly from the YogaDudes website where you can download two different PDF collections of inspirational photos. Each photo has a nice yoga-inspired quote. Get one here every month to keep your inspirations fresh!

You can download the full size jpg here. Once you view the larger image, simply Right Click on the image and select "Set As Background" from the drop-down menu that will appear. Wel-la, you should have a new inspiration Windows desktop.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Little Time for Rest and Relaxation

Just got back from some much needed R & R. Well, as close as my husband and I can come to rest and relaxation. Our idea of a vacation normally means several months of training leading up to the vacation and then several days of recovering after. But as far as our usual trips go, this one was pretty easy. We spent 3 days hiking, one day driving ATVs like nuts, and the last day was truly the relaxing one . . . rafting through the Black Canyon just after the Hoover Dam. Nevada sure does have a lot to offer. Unfortunately, most of what it offers in Las Vegas is nothing that we are interested in. I often wonder how people live there. So many people, so much traffic, so much pollution. Nevada is a place full of desolate spaces, with miles and miles of untouched land . . . yet over 2 million people are crammed into one city. Why?

It was interesting to see the glitz of The Strip (very briefly), but I'll take the mountains and the desolation over the city any day. Driving just one hour outside of the city brings you to what feels like another planet! The red sand dunes of the Valley of Fire or to the Alpine village in Kyle Canyon make you feel like you couldn't possibly be further from city life.

I found a nice spot on top of some rocks at The Valley of Fire and just sat still and took it all in. I practiced a little meditation - focusing on some important happenings in my life right now - and even got in a few yoga poses. These few minutes were among the highlights of my trip.