Sunday, February 25, 2007

New YogaDudes Long Sleeve Tees Now Available

We are just squeaking in before the end of winter with the introduction of our brand new, colorful YogaDudes long sleeve tees. These 100% cotton fitted Ts feature a colorful YogaDudes display. The three different poses are labeled Balance, Harmony, Strength. Great for on or off the mat. You can view and purchase these new shirts online here.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Free Yoga MP3 Download

Have you checked out a web site called Seems to be pretty cool. They offer MP3 downloads for a variety of different workouts including: yoga, dance, cycling, running, etc. Want to try one yourself? Get a free download on when you enter the promo code YL2007 at checkout. Choose from their library of 45 and 60-minute multilevel yoga classes.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Where is Your Peaceful Place?

When you meditate, where do you go? Do you have your favorite peaceful place? Is it a real place . . . somewhere that you have been do . . . something that you already experienced? Or do you go to an imaginary place? Do you even have a special place?

My husband told me about his special meditation spot and it made me realize that I don't really have one. When I meditate, I try to clear my mind. I try to see nothing but a blank white canvas. This is very challenging for me, so I imagine that I'm surrounded by snow. Then to make it more interesting, I pretend that I'm sliding down a never ending hill on a white inner tube. There are no trees (of course) so there is no need to be concerned with obstacles. I just slide and slide down the hill of snow.

I was happy sliding down my snow covered hills until my husband explained his special spot. He told me that his feelings, when he goes there, are more powerful and peaceful than when he originally expereinced it. His special spot is 3,000 feet above the ground with his hang glider. He can perfectly describe, in detail, what this flight was like for him . . . what he saw, what he felt, what he was thinking about at the time. He explained the difference between the real thing and his meditation spot. During the real flight he still had to be concernded about the real dangers - where would he land, turbulent air, the commercial jet that was flying below him. But when he goes back there now, there is no stress. He just relives the longest and best flight of his life and he will never lose that.

So I'm jealous. I decided that I also need a peaceful spot. I don't have anything that compares to my husband's flight and now that I think about it . . . I have very few quiet and peaceful times to go back to. A favorite peaceful exerience that comes to mind is our lazy hours on the swing in our backyard. So many weekends we would go out and bike for 30 or 40 miles on our hill training rides and then come home to lounge in our swing and watch the sun go down. The feeling of complete exhaustion and complete relaxation (and relief to be off the bike), together with the warm sun on my face and the gentle glide of the swing. Ahhhhhh, that is about as relaxed as I have ever been. So this will be my new meditation spot. That is where I want to go when I need some tranquil time. So do you have yours all picked out?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Free Yoga E-cards

Brand new to the YogaDudes website . . . Free yoga e-cards to send to your friends. This is a brand new feature and all the kinks may not be worked out yet, but please give it a try. Send a yoga-inspired message to brighten your friend's day. There are 8 different cards to choose from and it's completely free. Just visit and follow the instructions. Have fun!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Video Game or Workout Routine?

I was just flipping through an issue of YogaLife magazine and I ran across an ad that drew me in. It reference a web site called "Body by Playstation" and I just had to check it out. You should too!

On the web site you will see videos explaining this game. You not only need PS2, but also the Eye Toy camera. If you happen to have those two things (like I do) this looks too good to be true. It's a full work out system, including a 12 week training program that appears to be a blast to play with. I just researched it online and read as many customer reviews as I could find. Everybody says it's terrific. I was preparing myself for a big price tag, but I also found it as low as $40 at Walmart and even lower, used on Amazon. I'm gettin' one!!

Here's the site to check out. The product is called Kenetic. Go have yourself some fun while getting in shape.

Friday, February 02, 2007

20 Things To Do In a Lifetime

In my quest to be more organized this year I recently found my old Palm software. I have no idea where the actual PDA is, but the software lives on in my hard drive archives. I stumbled across some old memo notes that I wrote years ago and found them amusing. I thought I would share them, or at least one of them. I have three, and they are:

20 Things To Do In a Lifetime - This is a collection of some of the noteworthy and fun things that I have done in my life time. Things I would recommend to anyone.

Things That I Just HAD To Do - another list of silly things that I have done, just because I had to do them. Do you have things like that in your life? Things that you've done for no other good reason, but you always wanted to do it?

Wish List of Things I Still Want To Do - Well that is self explanatory. Everyone should always have a wish list.

So here is my list of things to do in a lifetime (in no particular order):

  1. Bike a Century (100 miles in one day)
  2. Ride a gondola in Venice
  3. Dance or perform on stage
  4. View Paris from the Eiffel Tower at sunset
  5. Hang glide
  6. Ride a tandem bike
  7. Rescue a greyhound
  8. Make something special with your own two hands and give it to someone you love
  9. Hike Yosemite in the Spring
  10. Eat sushi & drink sake in Tokyo sitting on the floor
  11. Overlook the Hong Kong bay at night from Victoria Peak
  12. Drive a motorcycle - not riding on the back - driving!
  13. Find your soulmate and fall in love
  14. Own a jeep and take it off-road
  15. Go for walks in the pouring rain
  16. Slow dance in the middle of a crowded city street
  17. Walk through the Roman Forum and marvel at the history
  18. Watch a meteor shower while laying on the beach at 4 AM
  19. Experience the real meaning of "cold" on a dog sled ride in Canada
  20. Get lost for the fun of it (but bring water)