Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yoga Journal + Body & Soul Magazine Offer

My two favorite magazines are being offered together at a special subscription rate of $20/year. Too good not to share. Click here to go to the special offer.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Struggling to Stay Motivated

I've come to the realization that staying motivated to work out at this time of the year is really hard. The days are getting shorter and playing outdoors is becoming increasingly difficult, and sometimes dangerous. There is nothing on the calendar to motivate me . . . no race, no long distance bike ride, no final yoga exam. The only thing coming is the busy and stressful holidays and the mountains of Things To Do. I know that I'm going to get tired, lazy, and out of shape. It's inevitable. And then January will roll around and that means it's P90X time all over again. No matter how out of shape I manage to get, P90X does the trick of whipping me back into action. So why bother exercising now? Why not just wait until January? Uuugh, I need something to motivate me and get my mind off the searing pain in my neck, shoulder, and back.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September is Free Shipping Month

For the entire month of September YogaDudes is offering free shipping on orders of $25 and more. Just use the coupon code FREESHIPSEPT at checkout.

Go shopping now.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Love at First Sip

The ads for the new POMx teas promise 'love at first sip' and they are not kidding. How refreshing is it that an advertisement actually comes through with its promises. I've blogged about POM juices before and when I first discovered this pomegranate juice I knew that it was really good for you and that is why I adopted it as my P90X 'recovery drink.' But I also explained that I had to mix it with seltzer because, like most things that are good for you, it wasn't the most delicious thing right out of the bottle. But this new POMx tea . . . holy cow is it every yummy. Why can't tap water taste this good? I sure wouldn't struggle so hard to get my daily dose of water. As it is I have to force down the 3 - 4 glasses per day. But I swear I could drink gallons of this POMx tea. It comes in 7 different flavors and I look forward to sampling each one. You can check out their web site here: