Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cardio – Week Two

My husband read the blog yesterday and as a result, decided to torture me with a “bicep blast” during our lunch break. He wanted to give me the challenge that I complained about not getting. Well, I got it. Uuuugh.

Before deciding to do this P90X work-out, I had a little jest going with the co-worker that ultimately inspired us to do it. She explained this whole routine and the thought of working out 60-90 minutes a day just sounded like torture to me. According to my husband, if you can lift weights for more than 15 or 20 minutes, then you are not lifting enough weight. He believes in going to failure – and quickly. So I joked with my friend Michelle and said, “You do your 90 minutes a day for 90 days and I’ll continue to lift 15 minutes a day and at the end of the 90 days let’s compare our muscles and our strength.” I still have no doubts that I would be stronger and more ripped, but I would not have the total body conditioning that P90X is giving me. So what could be better than doing both?

I’m strategically picking the lifting routines as to not burn out the muscles I’ll need at night for P90X. Since last night was Cardio and I didn’t get enough of a bicep workout the night before, it seemed like a safe bet. Karlo burnt me out in 15 minutes, but it felt good. This morning as I type this, I’m marveling at the fact that I’m not yet sore from it. Is it coming later today or is P90X helping to reduce the amount of soreness I normally feel after a torture session with my crazy Hungarian trainer? Oh, did I ever mention my husband’s background? He started wrestling at the age of 6 and wrestling was his LIFE until his mid 20s. He achieved his life long dream of making it to the Olympics at the exact same time he got his ticket to immigrate out of Hungary into Canada. It was a very hard decision, but he decided to go for the long-term better life in Canada over the gold medal (that I have NO DOUBT he would have won at the Olympics). If anybody is used to a life of training and training hard, it’s him.

OK, I haven’t said a word about last night’s Cardio session. There isn’t much to say. It’s getting too easy. My most challenging part of the last night was “Superman.” For some reason my shoulders do not like "flying." I’m looking forward to tonight’s pull-ups. We just bought a new bar and I’ll take a picture to share.

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