Monday, April 10, 2006

I need help!

Well, this will be a test to see if this blog thing really works. I just posted an updated I added a new page called "Resources" and my goal for this page is to include the following categories:

  • Articles - a collection of interesting yoga articles
  • Links - links to various yoga related websites
  • Healthy recipes - simple enough
  • Homeopathic remedies - a collection of alternative remedies to cure common ailments
  • Great Yogi Finds - a collection of personal favorites, things I have found that I love and would recommend to other like-minded folks.

You will notice (if you visit the site) that Recipes, Remedies and Great Finds are currently under construction. I could really use some help with the healthy recipes and homepathic remedies. I don't want to just surf and grab random things off the intenet or in books. I really want these things to be tried and tested.

If you have some personal favorites that you think I should include, PLEASE send them along. Email me or post a comment in this blog. Please help me make a place that yogis would love to visit.

Thank you!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Welcome to the YogaDudes Blog

In an effort to be able to communicate with all the great YogaDudes customers, I am setting up this blog with high hopes of actually finding the time to write. I don't really have any delusional ideas that I will update this often, but when I do . . . it will be because I have something interesting to say. Hmmm, I guess we need a good definition of "interesting," but I will certainly not post aimless ramblings. I've never been a big fan of that!

What I'm really looking to do is get feedback from loyal YogaDudes fans. I often get feedback via emails from folks that have bought products in the past. Seems lots of you have suggestions for new YogaDudes products that you would like to see. So now, before I make any purchasing decisions, I'm going to post some items or colors or designs and see what everybody thinks. I would love the feedback. I think I set this thing up so that anybody can post comments (without having to be a registered blogger). Somebody please try to post a comment and let's see if it works!!

Stay tuned for YogaDudes news . . .