Sunday, February 17, 2008

P90X Week Two, Day Two

Today was supposed to be Cardio day, but since it was Sunday and we had more free time in the day, I decided to switch our schedule up a bit. I thought it would be wiser to do yoga on Sundays because yoga is 90 minutes long and at our current schedule, yoga just happens to fall on the one night a week where we come home from work an hour later than usual. So we are switching our 90 minute yoga day with the 30 minute cardio day. Makes perfect sense to me and I can't see why that would harm our routine.

I wondered if doing this killer yoga routine first thing in the morning would be even more grueling than doing it after work. Although I'm much better rested in the morning, I'm also much stiffer.

I'm happy to report that I got through this yoga session easier than the first time. I think mostly it was a mental thing. Last time I felt so discouraged being so tired and weak at the halfway point. I didn't think I would make it through. But today I was wiser. I knew that the really hard parts would be over at the halfway part and I was therefore in a better mental place. I felt stronger than the first week and got through most if it without too much whimpering. One thing I want to note is the difference I feel when in Down Dog. I used to feel challenged and uncomfortable holding Down Dog for too long. Now I feel like Down Dog is a welcome resting position and I'm so much more comfortable in it. That is good news for sure.

My most challenging part of this 90 minute routine right now is the one leg balancing poses. I could do Tree with no problem and the other standing poses. But the pose that requires one leg and one arm in the air - my goodness - I need a lot of improvement there. I'm finding those poses quite impossible at this point.

It feels good to have yoga behind me for this upcoming week. I'm much happier doing yoga on the weekends when I'm not so distracted by the hunger pains in my stomach as my body yearns for dinner.

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