Saturday, February 16, 2008

First Day of the Second P90X Week

Yesterday was our first rest day from the program and to tell you the truth, I missed it. I actually snuck up to our work-out room and did the very short 5 minute Ab Ripper 100. This was a series of 10 different ab workouts - each for only 10 reps, giving you a total of 100 ab exercises. It went fast and was pretty painless. Since it only took 5 minutes, it felt like our night last night was so long and such a night of leisure. That was the great part. I have to say that committing to this program is not only hard physically, but it's a big time commitment and I'm sure we will find that to be the most challenging part of the whole deal.

So today we started our second week. It was back to the Core session and I was curious to see how it would go since we have now been through every work-out that we will face for the first 4 weeks. We would be a little better prepared. At the very least I would know what to wear for each different day!

You might find it interesting to note that today was harder than the first time! I think this is because 1) we didn't have to stop and watch a few reps of every exercise to figure out what we were supposed to do and 2) we had more confidence that we could actually do the whole thing. So needless to say, we both worked much harder. The first day, I felt intimidated and was just happy to get through the hour without a heart attack. But today, I wanted to keep up with all the buff chicks. And all I have to say is what is up with the super buff chicks getting on their knees during some of the pushups? I didn't!

And one more thing to note, and this I love. Today I wore a pair of capri (sort-of) tights. They just came out of the drier and yet they fit me looser than they did last week. Is it possible that I am already trimming down a bit? I find that hard to believe, but I got on the scale and I was 2 pounds lighter than I was 2 weeks ago. They may be because I ate oatmeal and cereal for dinner just about every night the week before starting this program (only because my husband was away and I was too lazy to cook for one). But then again, it may be from just one week of this program. I also want to add here that we are NOT doing the diet portion of this program. Losing weight is not a goal for me. I am 5'8" and I weigh 119 lbs. If anything, I'm expecting to gain a couple pounds by turning my soft legs back into the hard biking legs that I used to have.

I also decided to take pictures of myself every Saturday morning to visually track the progress. The truth is, I don't expect to change all that much from the "Lean" program, but you never know. Here's me after week one:

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