Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Arms and Shoulders Part II

Yesterday was our second Arms & Shoulders session of P90X and now I remember where all my confidence came from last week. I am completely unchallenged by this segment. And the kicker is that I'm doing just about the same weights and reps as the super buff chick on the video. She goes back and fourth between 10 and 12 pounds - sometimes even 8's. I stick with 10 pounds for every exercise and I barely get warm, never breathe hard, and find the whole thing unchallenging. Next week I am going to have to increase to 15 lb dumbbells. I don't have 12 pounders and I refuse to spend more money on weights. This past weekend we broke down and made a $75 investment and it just kills me that we are re-buying what we used to already own. So this means that next week (our 3rd week) I will already have by-bassed super buff chick! I'm hoping that gives me the challenge that I need. For heaven's sake, the super buff guys are only doing 20 lbs and I'll be doing 15. What is wrong with that picture?

My husband used 20 lb weights for the entire segment. That means that he's already matching the buff dudes in weights only my husband is beating them in reps! My husband is 53 and these guys look like they are in their 30s. We are kicking bootie in this particular segment.

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Jamie said...

Ok Cuz, I promised...Why doesn't Karlo lift you, with one leg raised. He's such a slacker

Love Cuz Eileen