Saturday, March 01, 2008

Core Routine Not Getting Any Easier

Today starts our "recovery week." I'm not so sure it will be any easier than all the other weeks. In fact, it may even be harder. We are substituting the two lifting days with one extra yoga session and one stretching session. The stretching session will be new to us, but I know exactly what to expect from yoga. That's the hardest video so far, and now we have to do it twice this week. Uuugh.

This morning's Core routine was not any easier than it was 3 weeks ago. I was dragging and watching the clock. It may have been from the lack of dinner last night. No fuel in the body = body dragging and low in energy. I also struggled with my darn tights constantly slipping down. Why I was wearing tights on a cardio intense day, I'm not so sure. I guess because it's way too cold in our house to bare putting on shorts. I spend a lot of the time looking out the window to give my mind a mental escape, and all I could see was the snow falling. Just looking at that makes me feel colder. Watching all the folks on the video always cracks me up because they are dripping in sweat and I usually end some of the routines still in goosebumps. But anyway, back to my so-called "tights." Why do I always have baggy tights? Boy, there's a good oxymoron. This is not a new development and a result of P90X doing it's job. Seems I've struggled with my tights slipping down for as long as I can remember. That might have been this morning's biggest challenge and certainly very distracting. I'm going to have to suck up the cold and start wearing shorts.

After I we got through the Core session, we ventured out into the snow. First we tried to ski, but that didn't go so good and decided to snow shoe instead. This was my first experience with my new shoe shoes and wow, what a work out that was. Looking back on it, the Core session didn't seem so bad. I think I burned more calories walking in the snow.

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