Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Killer Yoga

Last night was our first Yoga X session. Both my husband and I were looking forward to it because we feel "at home" with yoga. All I can say is . . . Anybody out there that thinks yoga is only a meditative bunch of chants needs to try this P90X version of yoga. It was challenging to say the least. My husband, who's name, by the way, is Karlo, pointed out the fact that he curls several sets with 125 pounds every day and yet this was more challenging. So far we've done a core workout, a cardio workout, and a weight lifting session that concentrated on arms and shoulders. Yoga was by far the toughest. And we are both very accustomed to yoga moves.

The biggest challenge for me was the length of the video. It was an hour and half long and watching the clock was very de-motivating. After 45 minutes of not stop strenuous poses I was ready to collapse and then when I looked at the clock and thought "we're only HALF WAY through," I almost gave up. But, to our delight the session shifted from agonizing variations of sun salutations to balance poses. These poses weren't terrible easy, but at least they didn't make my muscles want to explode. From there we went to some floor work and just the thought of sitting of laying down thrilled my soul.

I was expecting to be sore this morning, but I'm not. That's interesting. I am, however, always tired. Since we started this P90X program have been falling asleep at night the minute my head hits the pillow and having deep restful sleeps. It will be interesting to see how quickly my body adapts to this new routine. I would imagine everything will get easier as the weeks progress.

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Success Warrior said...

Up dog, push up, down dog, until triceps and shoulders quiver.