Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Week 1 of Phase 3

I decided to officially switch over from the Lean version to the Classic version for Phase 3 of P90X. Strangely, I find the weight lifting days somewhat easier than the other days. I think this is because I am so conditioned to extremely tough weight lifting routines. Tony doesn’t make me cry or make me feel as though I’m going to puke, like my husband does. And I didn’t realize that we were going back to Shoulders & Arms. For some reason that video just bores me. Throughout Phase 1, it was always too easy. This time I upped my dumbbells to 15 lbs on the biceps exercises. So I switched between 10 lbs for the shoulders and triceps and 15 for the biceps. That definitely poses more of a challenge, but I still find it boring and the clock drags. I also wanted to add the third weight lifting video because this week it’s Legs & Back and we are getting closer and closer to cycling season. I want to workout my legs more than anything else right now.

Yesterday was Plyometrics and we enjoyed it. The first time I did Plyo, I expected it to be undoable. The second time I was in dreadful stomach pain. But this time was a normal day and we did it in the afternoon, rather than the morning. I find that to be much easier. The biggest challenge that we will face in the next 4 weeks is the rising temps. Our house is normally nice and chilly – perfect for working out. But as the temps outside increase, so will the temps in our spare bedroom. I hate working out in the heat. Uuugh. Next year we have to start this program in January so we can be done by April.

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