Monday, April 07, 2008

The Start of P90X Phase 3

This weekend we entered into Phase 3 of P90X and it started with a bang. I loved the Chest and Back video. It was nothing but push-ups and pull-ups for 50 minutes. And I gotta say, I kicked booty. I was a push-up machine. Even Karlo couldn’t believe how many push-ups I did. Where the strength was coming from, I don’t know.

One thing that helped me was following Tony’s advice on pacing yourself. He explained that the video was broken into two identical segments. So once you completed the first part, you were going to have to do it all over again. I kept this in mind and despite the fact that I had more in me, I kept all my push-up reps to 20, wanting to save some energy for the second half. And it worked. I was expecting to lessen my reps to 15 for the second half (the girl on the video was doing 12 on some of the exercises), but I continued to do 20 reps of every set (except for the ‘’sneaking under the fence’ ones). It was a blast.

But then I made the mistake of doing Yoga the next day. The schedule called for Plyo yesterday and Yoga a couple days later, but because Yoga is so long, it’s just easier for us to tackle it on a weekend. Well, just one day after the push-ups, it was torture. I simply could NOT go down to a nice chattarunga. My elbows were flaring out and I didn’t have the strength to control my move. I basically had to fall flat on my stomach. Uuugh. But I got through all the other parts of yoga with no problems. Next week we will have to switch up the schedule to fix this problem. There is a reason that the routines are mixed the way they are.

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