Sunday, April 13, 2008

OK, Maybe it's Getting Physically Harder Too

What is going on? I think I'm going backwards now. Last week I chocked up the unbearable Yoga X to the 'push-up/pull-up bootcamp' the day before. But yesterday I did Legs & Back and this morning yoga was dreadful again. This is very discouraging. Three weeks ago, I could feel myself improve in every aspect of Yoga X. Now I'm feeling weaker. This is the second week of true "P90X Classic Version" and previous to these past two weeks, we tackeled Yoga the day after Core. I really think that makes all the difference. Actually, with our old routine, we did Kenpo, Rest, Core and then Yoga. That seemed to be the perfect set-up for the long and challenging Yoga. But trying to follow a tough day of hard lifting, it just sucks.

After screwing everything up last week, I tried to build myself a better schedule that took the major muscles groups into account when shuffling around the work-outs. Today is day 2 and I'm already wondering if I did the right thing. There must be some way to rearrange the days so that Yoga X falls on a weekend. Maybe next week I'll start the week with Yoga (following the rest day). That just may be the smartest solution. We'll see . . .


Anonymous said...

HA! I've tried to do Yoga X twice now, but I get bored, for lack of a better word, 30 minutes in, then look at the clock and think...another hour? YUCK.

Oh well, I'll try to go further next week.

(And I just let my schedule drift until Yoga-X fell on a weekend, but I'm not a very hard core p90x schedule follower, usually missing or travelling a day or two a week.)

Anonymous said...

my wife and i do yoga X on sundays. we dreaded the 90 minutes on week nights. by the time we'd finish - it was close to 8PM. Now, cook dinner. Now, go to bed... repeat. its been a slog through this program and now I am trying to do some workouts early in the AM during the week. We shuffle programs around based on timing, motivation, etc.