Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vertical Punches?

Tonight was Kenpo and I sailed through it. It sure does feel nice to complete a work-out with ease, given my shaky start to the week. And tonight I was on my own. My husband couldn't join me, but I still managed to be full of energy. And the very best part . . . it's now Thursday night and that means I'm off until Saturday morning. What a great feeling that is. I LOVE Fridays!

Without Karlo joining me during the work-out session today, I had to get my laughs from the video. I'm still wondering what "vertical punches" are. Tony cracked me up every time he referred to straight arm punches as "vertical." Were we supposed to lay on our backs to throw those punches? I think Tony might be a little confused with vertical vs. horizontal. Somebody should let him know the difference.

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