Thursday, April 10, 2008

Learning as I Go

This P90X week has been a disaster and I learned my lessons for next time. I always think I’m being smart by switching up the workouts to best fit my schedule – for instance pushing Yoga X up to the weekend when I have more free time. Up until this point, the moving around of the days has worked out just fine. This week, however, not so much.

First, we tried doing Yoga X the very next day after the push-up / pull-up bootcamp. That was torture and Chatterunga was nearly impossible. But it didn’t end there. Last night was the Legs & Back video and guess what we did the night before? Plyometrics! Brilliant. My poor legs were dogging it and now today I’m sore and learned my lesson. If I’m going to switch the schedule around, I at least need to be mindful of keeping like muscle groups away from each other. By the time I get this right, P90X will be over. Ahhhhh, what a pleasant thought that is. Let me type that again . . . P90X will be over! I’m just going to sit here and savor that thought a little longer.

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