Friday, March 28, 2008

P90X Lean Version

Or not. As I have said many times before, our “Lean version” is not exactly what it appears. We added Plyometrics to the routine, and still continue our afternoon weight lifting sessions. If anything, our own custom Lean version is tougher than the P90X classic version. Take today for example. Friday is “Rest day” and this is what our rest day looks like:

This is what we call our Bicep Blast. That first set went on longer, but since I was getting bored filming it, I didn’t want to you bore you with too much of it. Karlo sets me up with enough weight to make me want to cry and then we stand facing each other and I match him set for set. By the time we are done, picking up my glass of water is usually a challenge. NOTHING in the P90X videos gets my heart exploding out of my chest like these biceps blasts. I always have to roll my eyes a bit when I see and hear the over-acting of the buff athletes on the videos, grimacing in pain and moaning up a storm. Come on, you can’t look that buff and be THAT challenged with the little dumbbells. I give them all an A for their acting. Spend 15 minutes in the gym with my husband. Now THAT will make you grunt and moan and THAT I’ll believe!


Anonymous said...

The "buff" people on p90x isolate their biceps. Your husband uses momentum and his back muscles to help him lift that weight. Just watch his body rock back and forth... bad form.

Anonymous said...

*nods* , only the arms are suppose to move. That is way to heavy for him if he needs his whole body to help him get the weight up. Decrease the weight, form is waaaaay more important. He's going to hurt himself. I won't be too surprised if he gets back problems or already has it.