Sunday, March 09, 2008

Things To Note After Completing Phase 1

I'm very excited to have started Phase 2 of P90X. Here are some of things that I took note of this past week:

  • My downdog has improved greatly. I can comfortable stay in down dog for as long as required in the video with very little to no discomfort. Down dog has always challenged me in the past and now I consider it a resting point.
  • I just realized that I can pull myself up to start my chin ups. In the past I have always jumped up to begin. I would jump up, come down and count the next trip up as #1. Now I can just simply pull myself up from the chair (or the pull up machine in the gym). This amazed me. I still can't pull up from a dead hang, but we'll see where I am at the end of Phase 2. I still think it will take a miracle to pull up from a dead hang.
  • I can now hold chatterunga (is that how you spell it?) for several seconds longer than I could in the past.
  • My legs feel stronger and tighter than I dreamed they would. I feel as though I biked the day before - every day! We really only concentrated on legs one day out of the week, but apparently all the other exercises hit the legs enough to keep them tight.
  • All of my kicks in Kenpo are much higher than when I started.
  • I can pick up my legs higher, faster and easier in 'steam engine' after completely Phase 1. - All of the ab work is much easier than it was when I first started. My abs improved quickly and drastically.

Basically, I am better conditioned in every aspect. I feel stronger all around and my cardio came back quickly. I already feel "ready to ride" and we still have two Phases to go.

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