Monday, March 03, 2008

Yoga Dreams Squashed

Well, my dream of becoming a yoga instructor has officially been squashed. This weekend I came to the sad realization that it could never happen. I just have too many quirky problems that would prevent it. My biggest problem is my stupid shoulders. What is wrong with them? I simply can not move my shoulders in the proper positions for many poses. Remember my “I Hate Superman” posting? It’s very hard for me to get my arms straight out ahead of me during Superman. And side angle pose . . . forget that one. I feel as though my shoulder would shatter if I tried to move my arm from straight up toward the ceiling to pointing straight over my head in front of me. Just ain’t gonna happen.

Then there’s my post ankle surgery nerve problems. Believe it or not, I can’t properly get into Child’s Pose. Can you imagine being challenged by Child’s Pose? I just can’t do it right. How can a yoga instructor not be able to do Child’s Pose? I knew about these problems before, but for whatever reason this weekend settled it for me. I would be a terrible instructor and I’m promptly removing that dream from my dream board.

I think I might just be down. In addition to my normal physical problems, I’ve really been struggling with this neck issue. I thought I pulled something during my first (or was is second?) week of pull-ups. I have had chronic neck and shoulder issues for the past 4 years so I wasn’t sure if I really pulled something or if it was the same old thing coming back to haunt me. I’m pretty sure at this point that it’s my TMJ flaring up from stress. I’m a mess. I’m just thankful that this agony is happening during “recovery week.” I have got to fix it before the start of Phase 2. I just wish I knew how. If anybody out there has any experience with TMJ problems, please share.

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Gwyn said...

If you really want to be a yoga teacher, go for it. Your intention matters much more than your "ability." In fact, it may make you a better teacher since you will realize that every student's body is just a little different and that there is no "perfect" pose, only "perfect" for you.