Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Trying To Be a Trooper

Yesterday was the first time I did my P90X workout in our gym at work. I wasn’t too keen on this as it’s sort of embarrassing. I much prefer the privacy of my own home. But I had something to do after work and I needed to get it out of the way. So I was on my way down the hallway from my office to the gym, carrying my small gym bag in the most awkward way. I had the handles of the bag clutched into both of my hands, both arms bent up at 90 degrees so that my hands were at face level, and the bag was hanging near my chest. I was walking like I had a board strapped to my back and a coworker asked if I was carrying a load of bricks. I explained that this was the only way I could carry the bag without too much pain . . . and then said I was on my way to the gym to work out! I got a blank “sure you are” expression and my coworker thought I lost my mind.

As if P90X isn’t challenging enough, this incredible pain in my neck (and I don’t mean my husband) is really making my life difficult. But I was a trooper. I got through Kenpo X despite the pain. I never looked in the direction of the punches and kicks like I should have, but I did the routine none the less. The hardest parts for me where jogging in place and, believe it or not, bending over into a forward stretch.

I have GOT to fix this before the start of Phase 2.

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