Monday, February 15, 2010

Yoga Keeping Me Fit

And on the subject of yoga keeping me fit . . . I just got a heart rate monitor and have been using it during my P90X work-outs. I never tracked my heart rate before and I’m still new to the numbers. I’m not quite sure what is high, low, normal, etc., but what I do know is that I maintained an average heart rate (during Core and Cardio) of about 150. And during the yoga warm up of Cardio (when the darn heart rate monitor was actually working) my heart rate was approximately 115-120 – not that far off from my higher intensity cardio workout. I was amazed by this. I just wish my heart rate monitor worked better during yoga. Seems I need to be near sweating in order for it to register and that’s hard for me to do during yoga. Actually, that's hard for me to do period. I wish I could get an accurate reading of calories burned during yoga versus calories burned during the cardio work-out. I think the results would surprise many people. What I know for sure if that my regular yoga sessions are the reason that I’m breezing through my 3rd year of P90X. Thank you yoga!!!!

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