Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rock Goes Zen

I just stumbled across a web site selling meditation CDs, but they are the most unique, and quite frankly, the coolest meditation CDs that I ever heard. They have taken modern popular rock songs and turned them into gentle relaxing mixes. I just loved this concept so much that I had to instantly buy one. It was a hard choice as to which one to buy since they offered my all time favorite band (The Police) on one of the albums. Strangely, and surprisingly, I opted for a different album because it had more songs that I liked. I just can’t wait for the CD to arrive. For sure it will be the background music to my next yoga class.

Take a look at the site here.

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writeonyoga said...

This is why standing on the shoulders of tradition and fearlessly evolving is wicked cool. Thanks for the great find!