Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Start of P90X Season III

This weekend began my third season of P90X. But wait a minute, I must state one small disclaimer . . . I’m not 100% committed to doing the entire grueling 90 days straight like I have for the past 2 years. I decided to take a more laid back approach this year. The truth is that the visible difference in my pre-P90X and post-P90X body is hardly detectable (certainly not detectable with my clothes on). And since I don’t spend too much time parading around naked, my motivation to ‘get more ripped’ is dwindling. I just need to get into biking shape, increase my strength, and get my lungs back. So I’ll take it as far as I need to get back to my comfort zone in strength and endurance.

Now, with that said, I truly cannot believe what I discovered after the first weekend under my belt. I distinctly remember my most sore day in the past was caused by Core Synergistics. I had a terribly sore butt and that was the worst of the entire P90X experience. The first year was, of course, the worst. Last year I was sore, but less sore than the year before. And here I am on my third year (2 years older, mind you) and I wasn’t really sore at all. How can that be? I totally breezed through both Core Synergistics and Cardio (yes, I’m doing the Lean version to start). I was just stunned at how easy it was to to get through the workouts and how 'un-sore' I was after the fact. The only things I’ve been doing lately for exercise are playing with my Wii Active and doing yoga. It’s GOT to be the yoga keeping me on shape.

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