Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Importance of Rest Day

Yesterday was the first P90X Rest Day that I actually really rested. I almost always take the rest night off from P90, but I usually still do a lunch time work out. But yesterday I was too busy preparing my next yoga lesson (on paper) and I decided that it would be OK to do nothing all day. After all, I deserve a day of rest. And it was nice.

Then this morning I tackled my third Core Synergistics. Not that any of them were particularly challenging (including the first week), but today I could really feel a difference. I could tell that my body had more strength and energy. I bounced around with my heart rate averaging 150 the entire time, barely breathing heavy. I was actually having fun and the hour flew by. I just had to stop and wonder if it was the resting the day before that made me feel so good. I think I'm going to continue to deem Fridays complete rest days. I really don't think I'm doing myself any favors by working out every day. Your body really does need to recover.

God I love Fridays!


marlow said...

In your yoga practice, how important is it to have a rest day? If you go 7 days a week could you possibly hurt yourself? and then be forced to take much more time off? Or in yoga is it better to work everyday?

Paula said...

I don't think you run any risks of injury from practicing yoga every day. It really is meant as a daily routine. Now, with that said, if you are practicing intense yoga like Bikram or power yoga I would suggest that you alternate your days with some more gentler routines. If you goal is to maintain flexibility and mental clarity then doing the same daily routine is fine. If your goal, however, is to gain muscle strength than you need to rip muscle tissue and give it a chance to rebuild itself. That is where rest is essential.