Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Rest Theory Was Proven

So after my Friday rest day and my stellar P90X performance on Saturday morning, I further proved my theory today. I had so much energy after my work-out yesterday that I decided to take a nice hike in the slippery snow. I’m not sure if it was the hike or the half a dozen near falls, back twisting, legs flying incidents that had me sore this morning, but I woke up feeling very unmotivated. Add to that the fact that we went out dancing last night where I ate lots of sinful, unhealthy foods and danced until I was worn out.

This morning was the Cardio routine and this is usually one of my favorites, mostly because it’s the shortest of all the P90X routines. Not that I’m a slacker, I just don’t like carving out an hour of my precious weekend day. Well, Cardio starts with a quick 10-minute yoga warm up and I barely made it through. My arms were so tired the Warrior 1s felt like an eternity and the chaterungas, my God I could barely squeak them out. I am usually very strong with those as I call myself the ‘push up girl.’ Normally my strong suit, but today I was doggin’ it. No extra hikes for me today. Just proves my theory about how yesterday’s activities can cause a significant impact on today’s workouts.

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