Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ayurveda Cleanse - Two Days Down

I can see where this is going. I completed my first day flawlessly. I did everything (well, almost everything - I did miss a dose of Blood Cleanse pills by accident) exactly according to the directions. I boiled all my water to specs, I didn't eat a singe snack, and I only ate oatmeal and rice. I even completed my entire nighttime ritual to spec. But then Day 2 came and by 8 am I decided that I was going to cheat a little. I just couldn't bare the thought of eating plain, unsweetened oatmeal again and I decided that a couple little teaspoons or raw sugar wasn't going to be terribly harmful. After all, my directions specifically said, "no white sugar or honey." Technically I didn't really break the rules, right? I think I deemed sugar one of my basic human needs, like water and air. I just need it.

The rest of the day went pretty good. I didn't snack and barely had any appetite all day anyway. That certainly made things easier for me. Only half of the water that I drank was boiled this day, as that chore is getting old really fast. I ate the rice that tastes like dirt for lunch, but couldn't bare it at dinner time. Instead I opted for a plain salad with fat-free dressing and an organic yam. Now I'm not supposed to use the microwave at all during these 4 days, but that's not gonna happen either. I can only go so far with this routine, but I'm doing the best I can.

I took my bath, but it was much shorter than the previous day and did my oiling. No meditation tonight and unfortunately, no sleep for most of the night either. Let's hope I do better on Day 3.


tina said...

i just chuckle as i read your post about this and can't wait to read more tomorrow. I get such a kick out of your description of the rice.

Anonymous said...

Kitchari shouldn't taste like dirt...hmmm...maybe it's the way you made it? I make it all the time in the winter especially because it is so warm and nourishing and I put all kinds of great spices and veggies in it. Tastes more like comfort food to me :)

Paula said...

The Kitchari that I was eating was sort of pre-made. All I had to do was boil it in water and cook like normal rice. It was completely plain - no veggies. I guess it's the Indian spices that I just don't care for. yuck.