Friday, July 09, 2010

Yoga on Steroids

I recently went to see one of the amazing Cirque du Soleil shows. This wasn’t my first one. I’ve seen two others in the past and although all the shows were different the affect it had on me was the same. I just get so completely inspired by the sheer strength and athleticism of those performers. It just blows my mind. Made me want to run home and attempt some crazy untouchable yoga pose that I never before thought possible. I mean, here I am complaining that the wheel pose is challenging. Lifting one leg always seemed impossible to me, but I’m watching women on the stage, not only in wheel pose with one air straight up, but HOLDING and BALANCING another human being on that lifted leg. How weak and inferior did I feel? I decided that I need to find some poses that I never dreamed I could do and try to work toward. When I first tried to do the crow pose, I couldn’t do it. Took me weeks to finally get it. Maybe, just maybe, I could work myself up to something really cool and impressive. I need some suggestions on which poses to try, without killing myself. Anybody got any suggestions?

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