Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Best Yoga Bra and the Best Compliment

This past weekend I was shopping in a boutique in Mystic CT when I ran across a great bra. It seems to be a clever combination of a sports bra and a cami. It has no hooks or wires and is meant to be worn under deep v tops. I was imagining what tops I would wear it under and then the idea struck that it would be the most perfect yoga bra - super comfy with the option of switching out to invisible straps. I was sold! When I brought it up to the check out counter the woman takes a look at what I’m buying and says to me, “Do you do yoga? You look like you do yoga.” I just had to laugh. I couldn’t believe the question and was so incredibly flattered by her comment. When I told her that I had yoga in mind during my decision making process she told me that lots of people were buying these bras for that specific reason. She just wanted to make sure I knew that they also offered a different bra model (without the pretty lace) that was better suited for yoga class. I have gotten lots of compliments in my life for various things, but I have to say . . . hearing “You look like you do yoga” had to be one of my all-time favorites!

And by the way, for more info on this great new bra, please click here.


Marina J said...
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MariaMedia said...

That is a really cool compliment to get!

I am going to check out this bra - it looks super comfy!