Monday, April 05, 2010

Why Do I Do P90X?

This is a question I often get asked. When friends see my commitment to this work-out routine, in the midst of all my other obligations that make my life one big time crunch, they often wonder why on earth I do it. I manage to stay the exact same weight, and look fit, whether I really am or not. So why bother with all this work and effort?

And today I may even have questioned it myself. I was upstairs, alone . . . diligently working out with Tony while my husband was outside in the 70 degree Spring temps, playing with our dogs. I have to admit, it ain't easy. And sometimes I hate it. But I trudge on. And here's why . . .

As bikers, the first voyage of the season is always bittersweet, especially living in a cold climate. The Spring air brings both excitement and dread. On one hand we can't wait to dust off the bikes and jump back on. But on the other hand we dread the slap of reality when we realize just how cold and long the winter has been. The routes that we tackled with ease at the end of one riding season suddenly pose a much bigger challenge. The legs start off feeling like bricks, the lungs seem so much smaller, and the muscles that were once there have slipped into hibernation. The bike rides that we once knew and loved become a dreadful chore and no biker likes that.

So this weekend was our maiden voyage and it was great. I jumped on my bike and tackled the ride like there was no winter off. I hit the ground running–and running fast–and rode just about the whole route in my top ring. It felt wonderful and that, my friends, is why I do P90X.


Angela Jo said...

P90x and Yoga are good for you no doubt. Here is my question: how does an overweight person do these things?? i hear all the time how people lose all this weight doing yoga or P90x or both. I am 60lbs over wieght and i find the fat gets in the way! there is no way my form is correct! so how are other people doing it???

Paula said...

Actually Angela, that is a tough one. P90X is definitely NOT the place to start. In fact, they suggest you past a fitness test before beginning the routine. The kicker with P90 is that you really need to be in shape BEFORE you even begin it and that can be discouraging.

But I'm sure there are many home work-out routines that are better suited for starting points. Unfortunately I can't recommend any at this point because I haven't reviewed them. But don't get discouraged. Everybody needs to start somewhere. Just keep looking for a program that works for you. The trick is to get passionate about it. That is one thing that P90X has a way of doing . . . getting you hooked and keeping you motivated. If you can find ANYTHING that does that for you, stick with it.

yogayoga said...

What is P90X? Is it a type of yoga? How does it compare to (other types of) yoga?

Those moments that provide the "why" of any practice/activity are always wonderful. Congratulations! :-)

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amyaleks said...

Wow this is the first website I've found that talk about both my loves: P90X and yoga!
After I had my last baby, I felt so discouraged with the weight until I found and stuck to P90X and I lost 25 pounds! Now I do Bikram yoga, trying to lose my last 25 pounds, and I believe anybody can achieve results even if you are overweight. See your doctor first and then start slowly. Go at your own pace and listen to your body.

Lisa said...

Now I keep hearing from people that I should try the Insanity program (since I've done P90X twice). Have you considered trying it?

Paula said...

Actually a handful of my coworkers have been doing the Insanity workout. I watch them in the gym, but never felt compelled to do it. I know P90X works and I like the aspect of the weights. Always been a fan of lifting because I like the results it gives me. I have very defined arms and I just don't see you achieving that from insane cardio. I save my insane cardio for two wheels. Plus, I'm not trying to lose any weight. I guess that is the biggest reason I stick with P90X. My goal is to get in good shape with both strength and lung capacity, not to drop pounds.

jany said...

P90X really gives you a good body shape and you are looking attractive with it.


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