Monday, April 26, 2010

The Biggest Drawback to P90X

I've stated several times in the past that the biggest challenge to P90X is the time commitment and now I'm realizing the biggest drawback . . .

I am always starving! I mean seriously, since the day I started this routine nearly 3 months ago I am constantly hungry. And that is very unlike me. My body has a great self regulating ability. It somehow knows exactly what I need to maintain my weight and adjusts my hunger accordingly. When I'm loafing around and not working out for long stretches of time (yes, that happens at certain times of the year) I eat very little, I guess because of my very low appetite. But lately, my goodness, I'm consumed with thoughts of "How long before I get to eat again and what will I eat next?" I hate it. I feel like my husband, who is constantly complaining that he's hungry no matter how much I feed him.

There is still a little piece of me that wonders why I go through all of this. I can just do nothing to work out and my body will adjust to maintain my healthy weight. Seems like it would be a whole heck of a lot easier. BUT, I'm a psycho and I need the rush of working out and I need to feel good about myself for being strong . . . so I'm going to find more to eat now. I think there's a jar of almonds close by . . . and some leftover Easter candy too. I'm on it.

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