Sunday, April 18, 2010

My P90X Yoga Secret

My last posting talked about how I went from hating and dreading P90X Yoga to how I tackled it. A comment from a reader made me realize that I should also explain my little P90X Yoga secret . . .

Like I said before, the biggest challenge with P90X is the time commitment. Dedicating the hours every week is far more painful for me than the actual lifting or working out. And doing anything for more than an hour is like bamboo under my fingernails. I mean seriously, I can't think of many things that I can do for more than an hour – even things I love, I lose interest after an hour. I guess I have a 59 minute attention span for most things in life and it's actually becoming a joke to my friends. As soon as I tune out my friends say, "Paula has reached her 1 hour limit." So here's my P90X secret that I started to do last season.

The hardest and most grueling part of P90X Yoga is the first 45 minutes of the vinyasa flow. That is the part that makes the whole routine seem endless. But when you think about it, the entire routine can be broken into two distinct parts: the 45 minute vinyasa Hell; and the rest of it. So on Yoga day, I tackled the first 45 tough minutes during my lunch break at work. Then I would come home and finish the second 45 minute segment after work. Taking the work out in two pieces made it a million times more doable for me. I don't think you are getting any less of a work out or benefit from splitting it in two pieces and for me, it worked like a charm.

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