Friday, November 09, 2012

New Yogi Book Hits the Streets

If you"re looking for a holiday gift for a yogi in your life (and you already got them all the adorable YogaDudes accessories) or maybe you"re shopping for a male yogi, or maybe you just want a little something to read for yourself over the holidays . . . There"s a new book out called Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi: My Humble Quest to Heal my Colitis, Calm my ADD, and Find the Key to Happiness, by Brian Leaf. In the book, the author shares how with no real understanding of the practice he signed up for a yoga class.  Little did he realize then how that one class would ultimately set the course for a lifetime of exploration into the healing powers of yoga and other holistic therapies.

Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi details Leaf"s triumphs, trials, and tribulations as he hilariously navigates his way through the world of yoga and holistic health. Along the way, he road trips to visit yoga studios around the country, has a spiritual experience at a Grateful Dead show, cures his chronic ulcerative colitis, and lives at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in his quest to become a certified instructor.“I explored, I traveled, I trained, and I experimented,” writes Leaf. “I searched for a way to feel comfortable and happy. I consulted psychics, scientists, yogis, swamis, Ayurvedic physicians, life coaches, and even (accidentally, I assure you) one prostitute. I tried meditation, herbs, flower essences, psychotherapy, and shouting out my angst…. And, I learned a lot.”

Twenty-one years later, Leaf teaches yoga and meditation, practices multifaceted healing, and is the beloved founder of a holistic tutoring center that helps students — whose ailments he once shared — manage ADD and overcome test and math phobias.

Through his adventures and misadventures, Leaf ultimately discovered eight Keys to Happiness, or rules to live by for health and vitality that he shares throughout the book’s 32 rollicking and wise chapters. Things like: Do yoga and if you already do yoga, do more yoga; cultivate and follow your intuition; apply Ayruvedic wisdom to your daily schedule; meditate; speak and act from your true self; and more.

I got my copy and I"m ready for some peaceful reading over the holidays! Well, one can hope for that anyway. Perhaps the book will help me get through the hectic holidays. You can check out and purchase the book .

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