Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Special February Desktop Calendar

This month we are proud to present our heart themed desktop calendar. The background image is a merge of two photographs by Nadia Nasiri, a promising young self-taught photographer and avid yoga practitioner. To make this image your desktop wallpaper just click on the image above and when the larger graphic opens in a new window, right-click on it and select "Save as Desktop."

Nadia will be featured in an upcoming series by Downtown Yoga Shala. This series will feature yoga self portraits taken with a tripod and 10 second timer or hand held remote. Although this began as a personal hobby for her, Nadia’s intention with sharing her art is to inspire others to begin their own yoga practice and to cultivate an appreciation for the natural world around us. Nadia actively supports the Friends of Coyote Hills (FCH) http://www.protectcoyotehills.org/ and will be donating proceeds from South First Friday to the FCH. Nadia's work can be viewed at various yoga studios around the bay area. For more of her art visit www.getoffthemat.com.

Funds donated to FCH will be used to fight issues against development of both the Patterson Ranch and Newark Area 3 and 4 which are immediately adjacent to the Bay and the SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge that is next to Coyote Hills. Money raised from the event will help complete the Refuge and their fight against this massive and ill-advised development plan, which has already gotten preliminary approval. For more info on the FHC please visit www.protectcoyotehills.org

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barbarakosciewicz said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing! I love that it's a red yoga mat! I will share your post on my FB page!