Monday, April 06, 2009

P90X Year Two Completed

I forgot to mention that last Friday ended my second year of P90X. Although it was a relief and felt great, it wasn't nearly as thrilling as the first time around. I guess that is obvious, seeing as I forgot to blog about it. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great sense of accomplishment. I think the reason why I wasn't quite as thrilled this time is because my husband and I are planning to continue doing as many videos per week as we can. Case in point, we came home from work today and did Back & Biceps, just because we felt like it. Sick. I know!

Last season we started P90X later in the year and ended up stuck inside when the weather was really getting nice. This year we started on January 1st to ensure we would be done before Spring really sprung in New England. It sort of backfired because the weather is still pretty darn crappy here and the streets are still filled with sand, making road biking undesirable. So now we have to continue with P90X until all the conditions are just right to go outside and play. sigh

With the big P90X commitment behind me, it's time to put more focus on yoga. I've set a goal to have my one-hour class rehearsed and performed by the end of May. And the clock is ticking—gulp!

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