Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kenpo Plus — A Disappointment

Tonight was my second attempt at a P90X Plus video. After getting my butt kicked by Interval, it left me a little hungry to try more. I reported back to my traveling husband that he will like Interval. He's been resisting giving the Plus videos a try because, as he said, he "didn't want to learn something new." Yes, he is an old dog and is resistant to new tricks. So I was thrilled to tell him how easy Interval was. There was nothing to it. The moves were as basic as can be. All you need to do is bring the muscle and the lungs.

I found Kenpo Plus, on the other hand, to be an annoyingly cumbersome work-out. I thought most of the moves were clumsy and awkward. Ok, maybe it was just me being clumsy and awkward, but why did it have to be so difficult? And by difficult, I don't mean physically challenging. In fact, I think it was a big waste of my time tonight. I wish I did anything else in place of this work-out. I couldn't give it my all and really put the needed uuumph into the moves because I was struggling to catch on and never felt well grounded. The traditional Kenpo is a million times better. It's controlled and precise and timed just right. I get a total body (including back and core) work-out with it. This Kenpo Plus was a joke to me. I am so not impressed and will very likely never try it again. My first P90X disappointment :-(

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