Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Little Time for Rest and Relaxation

Just got back from some much needed R & R. Well, as close as my husband and I can come to rest and relaxation. Our idea of a vacation normally means several months of training leading up to the vacation and then several days of recovering after. But as far as our usual trips go, this one was pretty easy. We spent 3 days hiking, one day driving ATVs like nuts, and the last day was truly the relaxing one . . . rafting through the Black Canyon just after the Hoover Dam. Nevada sure does have a lot to offer. Unfortunately, most of what it offers in Las Vegas is nothing that we are interested in. I often wonder how people live there. So many people, so much traffic, so much pollution. Nevada is a place full of desolate spaces, with miles and miles of untouched land . . . yet over 2 million people are crammed into one city. Why?

It was interesting to see the glitz of The Strip (very briefly), but I'll take the mountains and the desolation over the city any day. Driving just one hour outside of the city brings you to what feels like another planet! The red sand dunes of the Valley of Fire or to the Alpine village in Kyle Canyon make you feel like you couldn't possibly be further from city life.

I found a nice spot on top of some rocks at The Valley of Fire and just sat still and took it all in. I practiced a little meditation - focusing on some important happenings in my life right now - and even got in a few yoga poses. These few minutes were among the highlights of my trip.

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lgaumond said...

What nice pictures! It looks so artificial, like you're on a movie set. I'm glad you took the time to absorb the beauty and relax.