Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Holiday Stresses are Starting - In Need of Some OMMMMM

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a nice little break. A time to stop, reflect and be thankful for what you have. Perhaps a time to rest up before the rush of the holiday season. Well, this was not the case for me. The stress started before Thanksgiving and just got worse. The YogaDudes website had to be moved to a new server and that was no small task. It was nearly 3 weeks of technology hell. The site was down for awhile, our mail is still mysteriously entering the black hole of cyberspace, and the shopping cart wasn't working during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Yes, that was great timing!

I just want to appologize to anyone that experienced any problems with the site. I know you are out there . . . I know that several orders failed. I got emails asking for our phone number to call in orders. And yes, it is also perfect timing that our phone line is dead. Is there a conspiracy against me? I'm beginning to wonder.

If this is what Thanksgiving was like, I'm almost afraid to face Christmas! I am on the hunt for some much needed OMMMM. When I find it, I'll pass it along . . .

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