Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving afternoon and most of us are about to have a huge meal with all the fixings. It's getting time to watch football and figure out what stores to hit tomorrow morning. But isn't there more to this holiday? Thanksgiving is the perfect time to slow down and take stock of what's really important in our lives. Gratitude can help us all stop taking our lives for granted. It can free us from petty annoyances and inspire us to think of other people. So why should we limit our gratitude to just Thanksgiving?? Here are some ways to keep the good thoughts flowing through all the holidays and into the new year.

Create a Thank You List - Instead of making a list of the things you want as gifts, jot down everything that you are thankful for. Keep the list handy and keep adding to it throughout the year. When you are feeling down, pull out the list for an immediate spirit booster. For sure it will be longer than your holiday wish list.

Say Thank You Often - Whether it's in person, over the phone, via email, or a hand-written note, say thank you often. People and their efforts simply aren't acknowledged enough. A simple thank you goes a long way in human relations, both personal and professional.

Accept, Acknowledge, Appreciate - Memorize the three "A's": Accept, Acknowledge and Appreciate. They should replace the three "C's": Complaining, Condemning and Criticizing. The three A's will get you much further in developing positive relationships with coworkers, friends and family members.

YogaDudes would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thankgiving!

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