Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Working Out Doesn't Make You Skinny

I really do believe that working out doesn't make you skinny – eating right does! I'm basing this belief on my experiences over the past 8 months. It all started last Spring when my pinched nerve pain got to the point where it stopped me in my tracks. No more yoga. No more biking. No more lifting. No more most other forms of exercise. Dreadful.

I limped by all Summer with very limited exercise, but that was right around the same time that I changed my diet. I began to reduce my carb intake and tried my very best to stop eating processed foods. It only took two weeks of tracking my daily nutrition using "The Daily Burn" for me to quickly learn where the limits were. I knew what I should and should not be eating to stay within the healthy range of carbs, fat, and protein. This food tracking exercise wasn't easy, but it was educating, and a little hard word is always necessary to get the payoff.

My neck got progressively worse until it finally resulted in surgery. There went two more months of zero exercise. I literally lounged on the couch every day in place of working out and yet I didn't gain a pound. I continued on my reduced carb and very limited process food diet and was able to maintain my weight with positively no exercise at all. In fact, I think I lost a couple of pounds!

I am very thankful that I started this new diet before going through this recovery period and at least now I know for sure . . . I work out to stay healthy and strong. I eat (always making good choices) to stay thin.

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