Friday, January 11, 2013

108 Day Yoga Challenge

I think I found my answer to getting back into yoga shape. It's been a very long time since I've taught or even practiced yoga. For the past several months I haven't been able to do any upper body conditioning at all and it's completely destroyed all the strength that I've worked so hard to build over the years. So here I am, in the weakest condition I've ever been in and I've been looking for a place to start. I think I found something to get me back to my old yogi self.

The Ultimate Yoga Challenge promises to be the most comprehensive yoga DVD set on the market. It was created and is led by Travis Eliot, a yoga instructor that says he will push your physical limits and beyond during the 108-Day Journey. The program consists of 14 thematic classes and they say that the sequences that will challenge the expert yogi, as well as encourage the beginner. I think at this point I fall back into the beginner category. This will my first time reviewing an exercise program from the perspective of a beginner and I look forward to the new experience.

According to the propaganda, The Ultimate Yogi is more than just a fitness program. They claim it to be a transformational experience guaranteed to improve your quality of life with the addition of meditation and diet instruction. Just like P90X, this is not a quick-fix easy solution to whipping yourself back into shape. I would never believe any program that claims that. Instead this program requires a 108 day commitment and I am very excited about making that commitment. I have spent this first week of my "post surgery recovery period" just trying to get my body moving – simple stretching and light resistance. I am almost afraid to attempt my first down dog, side plank, or even to lift some real dumbbells so I need to be cautious and take this slowly. With any luck I'll be taking this Ultimate Yogi for a test drive next week and I plan to share my experiences with you. Please stay tuned.

And, if you yourself have ever tried this program, please leave me a comment to let me know what you think of it. Or better yet, let me know if you don't think I should be attempting it as my first workout after neck surgery!


Sandy Foster said...

I am so very interested to follow your experience on this journey and hear your opinion! Only you will know what is best for your neck, so listen to your body.

Ives said...

I think it is great that you are trying to pick up yoga again after surgery. As Sandy states, listen to your body to know where you limits are.
Starting with a 108 challenge might be a stretch - going from nothing and leaping to 108 consecutive days of training is a giant step.
I started my own 40-day challenge on Dec 25th and by coincidence stumbled onto a yoga every day for the first month of 2013 challenge on a site called challengeloop - - the great thing about this challenge is that there are over 2300 people in this challenge, posting what they did on a daily basis which for me is an extra stimulans to do daily asana's and read about what others did.
Good luck on bringing yoga back into your life but keep listening to your body.