Friday, July 08, 2011

Isha Kriya Meditation

Isha Kriya is a modified form of the meditation that I learned through Inner Engineering back in May, and for the first time it's available to everybody online. Here's is what Sadhguru has to say about it:

“For different levels of thought and emotion that you go through, your breath takes on different types of patterns. If you are angry you breathe one way, you are peaceful you breathe another way. You are happy, you breathe in another way. You are sad, you will breathe in a completely different way. Have you noticed this? Based on this conversely is the science of Isha Yoga: there are conscious patterns of breath which can leave you in a constant state of bliss and healthfulness.”

To learn more about it, please watch this video.

And if that peaked your interest, please visit this web page which will offer you a chance to try the Isha Kriya on your own.


Becky said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I hope people will try it & share their experiences here...

I have been doing Isha Yoga for 2.5 years & it's had a tremendously profound impact on my life. Isha Kriya is a simple, effective & free way to experience something beyond the physical body.

Anonymous said...

this as disappointing as the week long isha program - no substance.

Anonymous said...

Who is not the body? Who is not even the mind? Who is it that desires to do the kriya? Who desires transformation? etc. A sadhguru should take one to that "who" and forget about this thinking stuff that he calls a kriya or meditation. But this sadhguru doesn't KNOW and he’s just an entertainer so this plagiarized, impotent kriya is the best he can do.