Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Struggling to Stay Motivated

I've come to the realization that staying motivated to work out at this time of the year is really hard. The days are getting shorter and playing outdoors is becoming increasingly difficult, and sometimes dangerous. There is nothing on the calendar to motivate me . . . no race, no long distance bike ride, no final yoga exam. The only thing coming is the busy and stressful holidays and the mountains of Things To Do. I know that I'm going to get tired, lazy, and out of shape. It's inevitable. And then January will roll around and that means it's P90X time all over again. No matter how out of shape I manage to get, P90X does the trick of whipping me back into action. So why bother exercising now? Why not just wait until January? Uuugh, I need something to motivate me and get my mind off the searing pain in my neck, shoulder, and back.


Anonymous said...

How about all that pain to motivate you. Do a half hour a day, no big deal. I always feel better in one way or another, after any workout. Plus it lessens my pain. It also reduces stress during the upcoming stressful holidays. Stop squawking and get your ass in gear. There's a lot of people out there who only wish they could exercise. By the way, what is P90X?

Catalyst Yogi said...

Sat Nam, (reverent greetings)

I used to get Seasonal Affective Disorder ( SAD) with the days getting shorter. (It feels like a lack of motivation in all areas of my life). The pineal gland doesn't get stimulated by the light of the sun like in the summer time and can affect the serotonin levels of the brain (feel good hormone)

What helped me was Kundalini Yoga and Meditation - it raises the Kundalini energy safely so that it stimulates the Pineal Gland to release the feel good homrones.

That means I no longer experienced that 'black cloud feeling'. Try it ! Life is too short to be miserable 4 or 5 months of the year.

peace and joy to you,

Catalyst Yogi