Saturday, August 01, 2009

Yoga is Helping My Biking

There seems to be so many different ways that a yoga practice can enrich other parts of your life. Practicing yoga extends so far off the mat and into so many different aspects of life. I often find myself trying to use yoga to improve my breathing, or my patience, or my general outlook on life. Today I used it to help my biking.

I might have overdone it a bit in the gym on Friday and as a result I woke up this morning with sore triceps, shoulders, and sore neck. These things do not make for a good bike ride (on a road bike), but I didn't want to miss out on our weekend 40-mile loop so I sucked it up. While pedalling along I decided to try to make some slight alterations by shifting my weight around. I was thinking about yoga and how I marvel at how sometimes what seems like the slightest adjustment of weight can completely change the way a pose feels. It seems like magic when the instructor comes over and barely moves you, yet everything just feels better. I tried to imagine a floating yoga instructor observing me as I rode and how this imaginary instructor might adjust my riding position. Since I was feeling pain in my neck, shoulders and triceps I tried shifting my weight back more into my saddle and legs, and less on my arms. I'll be darned. I worked! I felt instant relief. What a concept. Maybe I am ready to teach yoga after all.

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