Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yoga—The Fountain of Youth

I completed my first text book in my yoga teacher training and the part of what I learn that is sticking out in my mind the most is the very sad fact that at the age of 35 the human body starts to decay. DECAY. That is the exact word the text book used. My goodness that was hard to swallow. I also noticed that one of my test questions instructs me to create a yoga routine that would be suitable for somebody between the ages of 18 and 35. I didn’t realize the magic behind the number 35. I mean, who knew that you started to decay after that? How much worrying should I do now that I’m the dreaded 4-0? Yoga was supposed to train my brain to be more at ease. This is not helping!

Armed with this new knowledge that I’ve been decaying for 5 years now, I decided to take some of my free time away from reading books and put some time into getting back in shape. Enough with the books; I was ready to get physical. For the past 15 years of my life I managed to stay extremely fit and active. I’m the type of person that actually feels guilty if I don’t exercise every day. But, like most people I managed to collect a few excuses over the past few months. It all started with a rib injury that completely knocked me out of any physical activity for 4+ weeks. That was torture. From there I entered the crazy holiday season and why start working out then?

So here I am slipping into greater decay. What can I do to get into great shape and fast? I knew the answer to that question . . . P90X. I completed this awesome work out last year and I know exactly what the results can be. Now let me preface this by saying that I was already in good shape when I started this program last year. I was lifting weights 4X a week and trail running 3X a week. When I made the decision to start P90X last weekend I had a sinking feeling that I would never make it through the first video. Here I was starting after doing no working out for over 3 months. Very scary.

I completed the first video which was Core Synergistics and although it was challenging, I was able to do it all, and do it better than I did the first time last year. As a matter of fact, tonight completes my first week of P90X and I was surprised at how easy I got through it. I set my expectations for trouble with my 40 year decaying body, but I proved myself wrong. How can this be? How can I still be in good shape without the constant weight lifting and cardio? I truly believe that yoga is the key to maintaining a strong, youthful body. There is no doubt that P90X whipped me into great shape, but it was yoga that kept me there.

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Jj said...

I just love yoga but sadly have not done it more than sporadically for a while due to a crazy life but my point is, I CAN TELL! Yoga kept me from getting so stiff and sore and the deep muscle stretching did wonders for relaxation...but you know all that,don't you! I decided i MUST get back on track with it and your blog is inspiring. Thank you.