Sunday, November 16, 2008

More 10 Minute Trainer Observations

I dusted off my 10 Minute Trainer DVDs this weekend and decided it was time to get moving. A recent injury has kept me completely unable to do any form of exercise for the past three weeks and it’s been Hell. I thought that 10 Minute Trainer would be a good way to jump back into an exercise routine.

Yesterday I started with my favorite of the 10 Minute Trainer videos — Cardio. That name is so deceiving because it leads you to believe that it’s only going to give your heart a work out. I think they should rename the video to Buttinator because, just as I suspected, my butt is killing me today. Since I woke up with sore muscles I choose the Yoga video for today’s workout. During those incredibly blissful and fast 10 minutes it occurred to me how the yoga video is the easiest and most pleasant of the five different 10 Minute Trainer videos. How ironic considering that the Yoga video is the longest, hardest, and most dreadful of the P90X videos. Doing this video makes me remember all the reasons why I love yoga. P90X had me seriously doubting my affection for yoga. In fact, I think I almost started to hate it. Yikes, I can’t believe I just admitted that. It’s all Tony’s fault. But I’m back to loving yoga again so all is well.

One of my random observations after watching these two videos leads me to wonder what the heck Tony Horton did to himself between P90X and 10 Minute Trainer. I remember enjoying not only his great personality, but his handsome good looks during the P90X videos. Now I almost can’t bare the sight of him. He looks completely fake and plastic. WHY on earth would he do that to himself? I personally think that it’s even more impressive to be in great shape if you’re honest about your age. It’s easy for 25 year olds to look ripped, but how many folks in their mid 40s or above do? Turning 40 is what motivated me to do P90X in the first place and now that I’m a P90X grad, and a 40 year old woman, I am coming to terms with the fact that my age is showing. Looking in the mirror is getting harder and harder, but at the same time I’m growing more and more proud of the fact that, for the most part (and from a distance), I still look the same as I did when I was 25.

So here is the picture that I intended to post from the day I started P90X. This is me 3 weeks after my 40th birthday and 2 months after completing P90X. And my husband who is 53.

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Anonymous said...

You and your husband look great. I myself became bored with P90X after the second phase. I went straight to Ten minute Trainer. I love Ten Minute Trainer. This should have been his first series of dvd's.
As a former Amature Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer, and now mother of three, I needed something that was quick but would give me the results I use to get spending 2 hours in the gym. Ten minute trainer is it. You get what you put into it, and from the looks of it, you and your husband gave it your all. Great Job!