Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Chakras Personality Test

I recently bought a fascinating book called “A Handbook of Chakra Healing.” I’m learning all about the seven chakras, their meanings, and how to awaken each of them. The book included a great little Chakra personality test to see which of your chakras may be blocked and what areas you are more developed in. I loved it and want to share. Hopefully I won’t get arrested for copyright infringement.

Click on the images to bring up bigger versions that you can print out and read. The first graphic above includes the test — 28 yes/no questions.

Once you complete the questions, you should try to replicate the image in the second graphic, by drawing circles and coloring each corresponding number with a colored pencil (as shown in the second graphic) for every yes on your test. My sample graphic shows my completed chakra test so you will have to start from scratch to make your own.

The third graphic shows examples of different chakra personality portraits. What areas are you strong in? What areas are blocked? Check out the book for more info on unblocking your chakras.

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