Saturday, July 26, 2008

Real World P90X

This morning I did my 10-Minute Trainer. Not sure why . . . I was just about to head outside to help my husband gather and stack our firewood. Boy was I thinking about Tony all morning. I kept reflecting back to the P90X Cardio video where you pretend you are picking something up in your garage and putting it on the shelf. Do you see that stack of wood above? Every two of those pieces of wood represent one squat. Squat down to pick them up and throw them into the trailer. Then bring the trailer to the shed, reach over, grab two pieces, pick them up and twist to hand them to my huband who stacked them, for hours. Each piece of wood averaged between 5 - 10 pounds (some more). Now THAT beats the pants off of any P90X session I ever did. But let me tell you how happy I am that my legs and back have been conditioned by P90X. Otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to move right now – forget about getting out of bed tomorrow.

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