Friday, April 20, 2007

Dead Bug Pose

I just love that pose name! Who comes up with these things? I think I may start my own YogaDudes pose names . . . imagine how much fun that will be.

I recently found this pose and it's supposed to help combat the effects of slouching at a computer all day. I am very guilty of that. By the end of the day I'm practically laying in my chair. Here's a little clip that may help that problem . . .

Sitting at a desk all day, glaring at a computer screen causes you to slouch. That man-made curvature of the spine speeds up the natural degeneration of the discs. The species known as "office workers" have backs that are beginning to resemble our humble predecessors—Cro-Magnon man. To counter feeling (and acting) like a caveman after a brutal week, try a few stretches for the muscles and bones in your back. And while you work toward standing upright again try the poses that calm your nerves. This at-home triage will make you feel like you've really evolved.

Spine Soother

Dead bug pose feels a lot better than it sounds. Even if you have the flexibility of a steel rod, it's a universal spine pleaser. The benefit of this passive stretch: the pose works out the back, butt, and hip kinks while you lie there. Give in, it works its magic when you are in a completely relaxed state. Watch this video and try it yourself before hitting the sack.

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