Sunday, February 04, 2007

Video Game or Workout Routine?

I was just flipping through an issue of YogaLife magazine and I ran across an ad that drew me in. It reference a web site called "Body by Playstation" and I just had to check it out. You should too!

On the web site you will see videos explaining this game. You not only need PS2, but also the Eye Toy camera. If you happen to have those two things (like I do) this looks too good to be true. It's a full work out system, including a 12 week training program that appears to be a blast to play with. I just researched it online and read as many customer reviews as I could find. Everybody says it's terrific. I was preparing myself for a big price tag, but I also found it as low as $40 at Walmart and even lower, used on Amazon. I'm gettin' one!!

Here's the site to check out. The product is called Kenetic. Go have yourself some fun while getting in shape.

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